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Template for which an explicit specialization may be provided in order to enable cfix to obtain a string representation of an object for use in assertion messages.

namespace WinUnit
  template< typename T >
  inline const TCHAR* ToString(
    __in const T& Object,
    __inout_ecount( BufferCch ) PTSTR Buffer,
    __in size_t BufferCch

[in] Object: The object for which the string representation is to be created.

[in] Buffer: Buffer that may be used as storage for the string representation.

[in] BufferCch: Size of the buffer, in TCHARs.

Return Value

The string representation. The pointer returned must either point to static storage or to the buffer passed as second parameter.


When WIN_ASSERT_EQUAL is used to compare two non-prmitive objects and the check fails, cfix generates an appropriate error message. To have this error message include a proper string representation of the objects being compared, you can -- optionally -- provide an appropriate explicit template specialization of WinUnit::ToString.

Note that this differs from the cfic C++ API, which invokes operator<< on an object to obtain its string representation.

Usage example
class Foo

const TCHAR* WinUnit::ToString(
  __in const Foo& Object,
  __inout_ecount( BufferCch ) PTSTR Buffer,
  __in size_t BufferCch
  StringCchPrintf( Buffer, BufferCch, ... );
  return Buffer;

Table 7.53. 

 User ModeKernel Mode
Available since1.3N/A
HeaderDeclared in winunit.hN/A
LibraryLink to cfix.libN/A