Visual Assert – The Unit Testing Add-In for Visual C++
cfix – C/C++ Unit Testing for Win32 and NT

Post-installation steps

Post-installation steps

After having installed cfix, you will see the following folder structure:

Figure 6.1. Folder Structure

Folder StructureFolder Structure

The bin folder contains the binaries, the ones of interest are cfix32 and cfix64. The binaries contain their bit-ness in their name so that you can put both the i386 and the amd64 folder in your PATH without getting conflicts. The remaining folders should be self-explanatory.

Like drivers, kernel mode unit tests are built using the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). The tutorial therefore assumes that you have installed a recent version of the WDK, i.e. WDK 6000 or newer.

In your SOURCES files, you will have to refer to the cfix header and library files. The easiest way to do this is to leverage the CFIX_HOME environment variable the installer sets by default: Use $(CFIX_HOME)\include to refer to the cfix include directory, and $(CFIX_HOME)\lib\$(TARGET_DIRECTORY) to refer to the library directory.

In any case, bear in mind that build.exe is unable to work with include paths that use spaces.