Visual Assert – The Unit Testing Add-In for Visual C++
cfix – C/C++ Unit Testing for Win32 and NT

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms

cfix has been tested to work on the following platforms:

Table 3.1. Supported Platforms

Windows Server 2008 R2SupportedSupported-
Windows 7SupportedSupported-
Windows Server 2008SupportedSupported-
Windows VistaSupportedSupported-
Windows Server 2003SupportedSupported-
Windows XPSupportedSupported-
Windows 2000SupportedN/A-

Note on Itanium: The cfix package currently does not include binaries for the Itanium platform. Please contact the author if you are interested in Itanium support.

Older NT platforms (3.x, 4.0) as well as all consumer Windows releases (95, 98, ME) are not supported.