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cfix – C/C++ Unit Testing for Win32 and NT




Use CFIX_FAIL to unconditionally fail a test.

The macro allows printf-style formatting to construct the message. Consult the documentation of printf for a list of format specifiers.

void CFIX_FAIL( 
	__in PCTSTR Format, 

If UNICODE has been defined, string parameters are expected to by of type PCWSTR. Otherwise, ANSI is assumed and string parameters are expected to by of type PCSTR.


In kernel mode, ANSI strings are not supported. Strings are always assumed to by of type PCWSTR. Moreover, formatting can only take place at IRQL <= APC_LEVEL. At higher IRQL, formatting is skipped and the Format string is used as-is.

As variadic macro arguments have not been supported until cl 14.00, this macro is not available if downlevel compilers are used.

Usage example
void SomeCallback()
  CFIX_FAIL( __TEXT( "SomeCallback should not be invoked" ) );

Table 7.9. 

 User ModeKernel Mode
Available since1.51.5
HeaderDeclared in cfix.hDeclared in cfix.h
LibraryLink to cfix.libLink to cfixkdrv.lib
IRQLN/ACallable at any IRQL